You may employ chickpeas, also called as garbanzo or ceci beans, in dishes as diverse as hummus, falafel and curries. They not only offer nutrients like dietary thread and potassium, but are also the best sources of protein.

Also called as garbanzo beans, chickpeas have originated from the family of legume.
They are big and spherical legumes with rough textures. Chickpeas are one of the previously taken up varieties of legumes on the earth. Indeed, they have been a well-known portion of conventional foods for over 7,500 years.

Chickpeas, one of the primary vegetables to be cultivated, are the most broadly taken up legume in the world. Very rich in protein, chickpeas are perfect for vegetarian and vegan food. They are magnificently adaptable, very delicious and satisfying and a low-cost resource of dietary advantages for completes health and security from disease.

Garbanzo beans or chickpeas are made fresh, boiled, roasted, or mashed, and provided in salty and sweet dishes, specifically in Mediterranean, Middle East and Indian cooking. Garbanzos are rich in fat in comparison to different beans, giving more calories in each serving.